An Insight into Physical Fitness and Its Importance

physical activityIf you are physically fit, it implies that you have the capability of living life to its fullest extent. Mental and physical fitness play essential roles our lives and those who are both, mentally and physically fit are much less vulnerable to health conditions as well.

What is physical fitness?

Physical fitness does not only refer to staying in the good physical state but also describes a person’s state of mind as well. If a person is in good physical state, but psychologically or mentally unwell or stressed, the person will not be in a position to function suitably. Psychological or mental fitness can only be attained if your body is performing well. It is possible to help loosen up your own mind and get rid of strains simply by working out frequently and eating right.

Why is it vital to be physically fit?

Persons who are physically active are also healthier, can manage their own optimum bodyweight, and are generally not vulnerable to heart failure and other health issues. In order to sustain a calm frame of mind, an individual must be physically active. An individual who is fit both mentally and physically is strong enough to handle the good and the bad sides of life and is not affected by extreme changes if they occur.

Importance of physical fitness.

Now that you have had an insight of what physical fitness is, let’s look at some of the importance of physical fitness. Below are some of the importance of physical fitness.physical fitness exercises

Blood pressure control.

According to research conducted by different institutes, physical fitness has proven to have an effect on the body’s blood pressure because doing exercise on a regular basis helps build stronger heart muscles.

The heart is the main organ in the body responsible for controlling the blood pressure and engaging in physical activity will lead to an increase in blood pressure but once the activity is stopped, the blood pressure returns to normal. By getting involved in physical activity, the heart does not need to work extra hard in order to create a rise in blood pressure, which then lowers the force on arteries, hence lowering the overall blood pressure.


According to studies, increased physical activity helps reduce body inflammation. It offers a short-term inflammatory response as well as long-term anti-inflammatory effect. Physical fitness reduces inflammation irrespective of the changes in body weight.

Weight control.

Attaining strength by means of physical fitness helps bring about an enormous and complex selection of health-related advantages. People who maintain physical fitness levels usually control their distribution of excess body fats and avoid obesity. Belly fat, particularly visceral fat, is quite directly affected by doing aerobic fitness exercise. Strength training is proven to increase the level of muscles in the body as well as reducing excess body fats. Physical fitness is therefore essential for reducing body weight by controlling all the bodily functions.

Immune system.

According to research, physical activity helps boost the immune system. However, this depends on the levels of endogenous factors like metabolic hormones, sex hormones, growth hormones, body temperature, hydration status, and blood flow. Physical activities have also shown an increase in levels of natural killer cells, neutrophils and eosinophil, cytokines, antibodies, and complements that are all responsible for fighting diseases.

Mental wellness.

According to previous and recent studies, physical fitness has been highly associated with the mental wellness of an individual. By doing regular exercise, you are able to get rid of stress that occupies the mind on a daily basis. Getting rid of these stress levels help you get the peace of mind that is needed and in turn result in mental wellness.physical fitness definition

Improvement of the overall appearance.

By indulging in physical activities, you will be able to obtain a good looking body that is well shaped and healthy at all times. Physical activities also have an impact on the skin and will make you look younger always.

In conclusion, it is important to say that physical fitness is vital to everybody including children because of the impact it has on our bodies. If you have been lazy to hit the gym or simply running outside or just doing simple exercises such as pushups, then it is essential that you do it if you are to live a healthy life for a long time.

Tips For An Excellent Physical Recreation

The word recreation refers to create or produce something again, also relates to the words have fun, cheer or delight is a pursuit of distraction in the midst of everyday obligations. Recreation is considered as a therapy for the mind, where the active production of the body is involved, different from leisure, which refers to rest, where activities are more relaxed.

Here are some tips for you to enjoy an excellent physical recreation:

dofe physical sport and physical recreation
  • Exercise. Although you no longer have a work routine and a unique physical state, you cannot fall into a sedentary lifestyle, use your time to exercise, daily walks may be the best option.
  • Play. There is nothing more rewarding than having fun as a child, playing with your grandchildren, nephews or children; besides that, you exercise your body, have fun and share with your family. With a little play, your mind and spirit will feel bright and and recreation
  • Travels. If you no longer have obligations with work, or with your children, since they already know how to take care of themselves, you should undertake the trip of your dreams, take advantage of the low seasons that have better prices and know new places, make ecological walks , it will do well to your health and you will get out of the routine.
  • Enjoy Your Family. Your children grow, leave and create their own family, but you can not miss the union and family customs, organize meetings at birthdays, at Christmas, on weekends go for a walk with them when you can, take a picnic, share with them anecdotes and experiences of your life, there is nothing more pleasant and helpful than listening to the stories of the grandparents.

what is recreationTake a risk did you ever feel self-conscious about something because you were taking care of your home? This is the moment when you can make a list of activities that you did not do before 50 and what you want to do, do not let yourself be carried away by prejudices and take a risk, without compromising your health and your ethics.

Use a routine Your routines change, you do not go out every day to work, nor do you have to feed your children, but the human being always tends to a routine. For that change does not affect you separate the days to exercise, enter groups of specific activities: dance, art, swimming, sewing, music, theater, culinary, etc. The most important thing is that you feel good about your body and your mind.

Dedicate time, be happy, do not leave aside that which makes you happy, do not feel disabled by age, now is the time to do all those things that you did not do, enjoy a healthy, happy and calm old age.what does recreational mean

Benefits Of Leisure And Recreation For Our Health

leisure and recreational activitiesHow long have you not had a few hours of rest just for you? We live in an increasingly competitive society. Day by day life requires us to overcome our limitations to achieve a better position in society. The 24 hours of the day seem not to reach us, and in the routine, we forget something so simple and necessary: leisure. I invite you to know the benefits of relaxation in our health.

The amount of daily psychological pressures, end up affecting our physical and mental performance, decreasing the reaction capacity of our immune system. The work or social stress that we live on a daily basis has become the increasing incidence of myocardial infarction as well as cerebrovascular accidents. Added to this the technological boom in mobile telephony, makes life is full of shocks making the moments of rest, are similar to distant reveries.

parks and recreation degreeHaving moments, even if they are brief contemplative leisure or pure reflection, is very difficult in daily life. By spending hours and hours traveling through congested pathways, our blood pressure and adrenaline levels skyrocket, leading to outbursts of anger, which affect the heart and vascular health, negatively. According to researchers at the University of California Irvine, stress affects part of the heart and brain, part of the cognitive processes, so essential to have an optimal work performance.

Leisure As Therapy

introduction to recreation and leisure Many thinkers and writers have made rivers of ink on the benefits of creative entertainment. In the study of the University California Irvine, the psychologist Susan Charles points out that episodes of psychological distress such as arguments, work and family problems, long waits in shifts and car jams, gradually undermine health until the cup is filled. Fatal way. The emotional balance represented by a few minutes of contemplation a day or merely listening to the rhythm of our breathing can be beneficial.

Being calm for a few minutes, listening to music, reading or doing yoga, can improve levels of relaxation leading to a balance of the central nervous system, optimizing brain processes. In the same way decrease the consumption of animal fats, exercise regularly or walk, decreases triglyceride levels, oxygenates the blood and recharges all organs with energy.

So according to the study of the University of California Irvine, it is convenient to dedicate time to contemplative leisure, to watch a sunset or to hear the trill of the birds to extend our life.

Recreation Types In The Elderly

Community Recreation: In this sector, the programs act as a methodology of community participation so that, based on the awareness and ongoing formation of the community, the community consciously mobilizes in pursuit of collective actions that tend to confront the situation and problems particular that live. For the development of this sector, recreational and public spaces are fundamental as an integrating element of the members of the community in their environment.

Cultural Recreation: it allows that the plastic and scenic arts and cultural activities are not presented to the older adult only as a spectacle or movement exclusively for fun, but as an object of creative participation; thus, the cultural and artistic recreation will contemplate events that are carried out based on formative, didactic and group manifestation workshops of creative abilities, they try for the participant in them the experience of the creative process with the playful connotation that the ornamentation, construction, and reproduction or execute a work rooted either in universal culture or the values and traditions of the natives.

activities for elderly activities for senior citizens

Sports Recreation: The one in which, starting from the physical activity implicit in sports, seeks that this is addressed by the enjoyment and development that allows its practice and not by winning and establishing brands; thus, sports recreation contemplates physical activities and sports, gymnastics, etc., which enable those who participate in them to have fun – changing activity, voluntarily and pleasantly acquiring healthy lifestyles -, socializing – taking group work patterns and team, showing solidarity in pursuit of a general objective: the integral health of those who experience it.

Pedagogical Recreation: In this sector, recreation is incorporated into the teaching process, giving it a new dimension, either by acting as a non-formal education methodology or by constituting a liberating process that simultaneously educates for free time. If it is considered that the basis of the demand for recreational services is given by the level of education for leisure that the person has, the field of action of the sector is not limited exclusively to the preschool segment but, inconsistency with the human nature that it does not condition learning to age, it covers all levels and forms of education.